Get the job done

TeamTracking offers industry leading functionality to effectively and efficiently manage your teams and their tasks. Using intuitive Mobile applications, we integrate with your existing systems and platforms, extending them to your teams in the field.

Endless scalability

Powered by Google Cloud Platform, the TeamTracking application process 50 million API requests a day without missing a beat. With scalability, security and elasticity built-in, we are ready to take on your business.

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Apps that work for you

We create award-winning apps for field teams of $Billion companies, including automotive manufacturers, communication companies and media publishers. Now, we want to build an app that works for you. Let us empower your team in the field team to get the job done.

Features and Benefits

Using mobile applications and location-based services, TeamTracking is a cloud-hosted mobile platform for tracking and managing a field workforce. Our platform contains a mobile application for iOS or Android (or code that is integrated into your existing application), with an extensive backend service that collects location records and status events throughout the work day.

We understand that no two businesses are the same so we have built our platform to be easily customizable to accomodate our customers’ needs. As such, we are ready to integrate with your security requirements (LDAP, ADFS or VPN), with your existing ERP systems (task and resources management) and with your data platforms (BI or data warehouse). Additionally, our mobile application can be run as a standalone app, or it can be integrated into your existing mobile apps and assets with just a few lines of code. And if you need help developing your field application, our team is ready to help in any capacity (part-time or fully outsourced).

Manage jobs, locations and teams

Watch the location of your field force throughout their day . Assign tasks and track the status of each team member on a map in real-time or search work days from the past.

Implement your business rules

We can help your company stay in compliance with union rules and corporate policy by configuring how and when your team is tracked and deeply integrating with your existing directory services such as LDAP/ADFS.

Powerful mobile app and admin console

The TeamTracking platform can be seamlessly integrated into your existing iOS app, Android app or mobile web solution; or we can work with your team to design and develop an app that customized to address your needs. Our admin console provides you with a timeline view or a map view to track and manage your team throughout the day and beyond.

Ready for Enterprise, large or small businesses

We offer extensive APIs to integrate with your task and and work management system, providing your platforms with the location and status information collected throughout the work day. In an effort to support your specific compliance and reporting needs, we have implemented features such as monitoring, system security, access control and logging.